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ACLS certification- Will this help my resume???

HarleyLee HarleyLee (New) New

Hi all,

I'm a new grad and considering getting ACLS certified while I'm waiting to get approval to test from the FBON. My question is do you think this will help my resume ??? any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:D

Yes, it will look good on your resume. Especially for jobs that require ACLS. Shows initiative on your part. If you are considering working in Peds, PALS might be a good idea. I got both of them to better my resume and I bring up the subject when interviewing.

Thanks caliotter3,

I'm moving to Newark and I've heard that new Grads are having a difficult time finding job. So I'm doing anything I can to stand out.

The best thing a student can do is to job hunt while they are in school at their clinical placements. There are lots of students who have a job promised before they graduate by getting in good with their preceptors. This strategy was not widely discussed when I was in school, and I didn't quite make the connection although classmates of mine were landing jobs left and right.

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