Accrediation employment


Hey everyone! Still fairly new to the site, always find great information on here.

I currently live in Minnesota and have been exploring nursing programs. Against the advice of many on here I am going ahead and registering for Rasmussen College RN program. All comments welcome but please don't lose track of my question.

The School itself is accrediated and students can sit for NCLEX and certified by state board for RN. However, the RN program is not Accrediated boy ACEN/CCNE. I plan to get my BSN directly after and have a great job now that I would be fine taking the extra year or two to get my BSN. The BSN program is accrediated by CCNE.

My question would be, if I applied as a BSN with the CCNE would I have similar chances of employment (in MN and in other states) due to the RN portion not being accrediated? I was told by recruiters for the local leading hospital systems that they hire CCNE grads but recommend strong clinicals which typically Rasmussen uses to minimum required. I am a paramedic for 5 years and also worked in trauma centers such as New York presbyterian in the Critcal Care ER. I'm hoping that with my experience, and I will be doing extra voluntary clinicals as the program allows it and my job at one of the major health systems would be more than welcoming to it. With these variables would I encounter issues getting employment or does the BSN CCNE trumps all and the experience and clinicals I put in would put me as a wel experienced candidate? I ideally want to go to ER but know regardless of experience in other fields I will be working in less acute settings:nursing homes until I've gotten the RN experience. Does it sound like I'm making the right move? The recruiters couldn't get much info other than they have hired Rasmussen grads in the past but they were BSN and with experience. Just wondering what my outlook will be for the future if I move elsewhere and also if I want to continue education to DNP/CCRN/CRNA. Thanks all!!!