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Accerlated nursing schools

by Elizabeth47aa Elizabeth47aa (New) New

Nursing school accerlated program with BA degree 2.5 are there any school in nj or ny and Pre req classes are A"s. Which school would take me

windsurfer8, BSN

Specializes in Psych/Military Nursing. Has 14 years experience.

Not likely. Vast majority of ABSN programs require MINIMUM of 3.0 on first degree to even apply. If you got a 2.5 on your first degree they do not like the odds of you getting through an accelerated ABNS program which is 21 hours of hardcore school when I did it. You need to go on school websites. I have only seen one school in the USA that accepted a 2.5 on your first bachelors for a minimum to apply and that was Univ. of Wyoming. Remember..these are MINIMUMS to apply. Hundreds of excellent students apply.