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Accepted to Two Schools. Help!


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I applied to two ADN programs. I was accepted into both. I made an acceptance letter for my first choice ADN program and I turned down the other one. However, I was contacted by the rejected ADN program for a chance to join the program. So I'm stuck. Here are the reasons why I'm between choosing one for the other.

First Choice ADN-16 month program, I've already taken one of their BSN online concurrent elective classes as its a concurrent enrollment program so I'm enrolled in the other university, I would still have to go back for the rest of my BSN afterwards. Drive to the ADN campus is about 15 minutes.

Second Choice ADN (rejected program)-24 months, they are apart of a new online concurrent enrollment program which allows you to graduate with your ADN/BSN at the same time but then I would have to enroll into another university for this program. The ADN satellite campus is also close to my house (about 5 minutes drive).

I also have to factor in that even though I do qualify for financial aid, I have loans-and quite a bit of them (into the thousands of dollars). So, I'm just wondering what I should do...

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Which option would be cheaper? I would factor in cost and time to make the final decision. Good Luck!