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Hello Everyone!!!

Guess what? I am accepted , received my letter yesterdayyyyyyy---. God has answered my prayers.

Thank you c santos and others for your support.


Specializes in Telemetry and Psych.


Congratulations! what great news! When did you apply and when do you start nursing school?:yeah:


Specializes in Obstetrics.

Woohoo! Congrats!



Congratulations!! God is so good. I will be praying for you!

Thank you everyone!!!

I applied in october this year and am accepted for spring 09. wow!!


Specializes in Obstetrics.

Wow, spring 09, that's quick! at my school you have to apply one school year in advance! You're going to be starting in no time (which is great, bc the wait would kill me lol!) :yeah:

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