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Accepted into Gonzaga FNP Fall 2017

hmmacleod hmmacleod (New) New

I was accepted into the Gonzaga FNP program for the Fall 2017 cohort but have been getting some very negative feedback about the program, specifically the challenges related to finding preceptors. Have any current/former students had similar challenges? How was/has the quality of the education been?

For those that have graduated, any difficulty finding work after graduation?

Thanks for your time,



I am not in that program, nor have I ever been. Besides, I am not even a nurse, yet. However, I feel like I still may help. First of all, where do you get that negative feedback from? Also, I am sure before you applied you did your homework researching the school and the FNP, right? Did you research this school's FNP graduation rates? At the end, I would not be so much worried about it. Just enjoy the process.


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