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Acceptance letters pasadena city college fall 2009


Hello there,

Has anyone heard anything from PCC fall nursing program? I applied and haven't heard a word from anyone. Should I assume I didn't get in or should I continue praying for a miracle. I hear it's very hard to get in. I have a 3.5GPA? Also, I applied while my Math 125 was in progress. Do you know if they'll disqualify me for having that math class in progress, eventhough it's not one of the core pre-requisites?


I got the acceptance letter on June 3. Did you get a letter last week? I believe on their brochure it says the math requirement must be met in order to qualify, but check the PCC health sciences webpage to be sure.

I guess you're right, I didn't get a letter,bummer! I'll just apply next term and hope I get in:-)

Good luck to all that got accepted.

I was an alternate student.. I got the letter two weeks ago...

whoever got accepted.. ill see you guys there..

are you guys done with all the requirements?

Just curious how long the program is at PCC and if you don't mind me asking, what was your alternate #? Im on the alternate at Cuesta College so I just want to see what my chances are.

Thanks guys!

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