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Accelerated Nursing Candidate

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Hey Everyone,

I am currently going to be a senior at UConn Storrs. My major is Healthcare Management in the business school and I want to pursue an accelerated nursing program after graduation, hoping to pursue a career in nurse management or hospital management. I will graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Business in May 2015. I currently have these prerequisites completed:

Biology - B+

Statistics - A

Chemistry - A

A&P I - A

Developmental Psych - A

A&P II - currently taking

Genetics- taking in the fall

Nursing Research - taking in the fall

Microbiology - Taking in the winter

My overall GPA is a 3.78. I plan to apply to UConn and Quinnipiac's programs as well as Medical University of South Carolina. I was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for programs to apply to? Preferably programs that offer Scholarships. I don't plan on staying in Connecticut, probably moving somewhere down South.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)

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Those are great grades! What about Southern's ACE program too? In terms of Scholarships it's the most affordable in the state. Fairfield has one too.

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