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Abused children in your PICU


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Are all of you seeing the sharp increase of abused children coming into your PICU that I have seen this summer? It's been a horribly depressing summer as a result, the morale is sad in my unit right now. I often wonder if this is a result of the state of the economy right now, everybody's stress levels are higher when there's worry about a job or money. Just wondered what it's like where you live and work.

I saw a news story a few months ago that said abuse cases were in fact on the rise, and the story blamed the economy. Awful.


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One of the reasons I work strictly CTICU - at least the injuries (defects in this case) are not inflicted by another human being. Well, unless you count in vitro gone wrong, which happens quite a bit. But that definitely doesn't have the same impact (on me) that abuse does. Bless you for doing what you do!