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aBSN or 2-Year RN Program that isn't ALL DAY, EVERYDAY

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Hi, so I have a BBA in Business and I am done with every pre-requisite for almost every aBSN or 2-year RN program in Denver (except for some of the religious/Sociology/Philosophy classes at Regis U and CCU).  Does anyone know which program isn't 8 hours/day, 5 days a week in a classroom AND at clinicals?  I intentionally ensured that I completed as many prerequisite courses so my course load is lighter.  However, it will be very hard for my wife (she's an RN) to have adequate care for our 2 disabled daughters if I am in a classroom 40+ hours a week.  Who has LESSER demands for classroom time in Denver?  I've heard DCoN is a big time commitment (in fact their advisor let me know of that in an email).  Thank you!

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