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About to Take NCLEX, am i ready?

by believer12345 believer12345 (New) New

I posted something similar before, but I had to move my test to later date . Now, taking my test next week. I finished my last two Hurst Q review, my scores were 82 and 79. My previous scores were (79, 88, 82 out of 125). I did the 180 questions in the CD that came with the Kaplan book and got a 63. I was told that 65 means you have a 95% chance passing, so not sure what 63 means..lol. My plan is to go through the NCLEX study guide that floats through allnurses and review all my missed rationales I wrote down from my practice question. I will try to skim through Hurst 5th day material. I know it is not possible to know everything for the NCLEX, but based on the scores, what are my chance like? I am having a hard time to gauge where I stand. Also, do you have any tips ( that I might have not included) before the test? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Have faith. You are almost there. You can do this!