About to graduate in MI, applying for NCLEX,misdemeanors. What should I do to help my cas?

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So I have like 4 misdemeanors from when I lived in Cali and i was 18 to 21. One dui. So 6 years since all that. I got another misdemeanor a year ago. This is for NCLEX. There is a line asking about criminal stuff. Should I write a seperate letter and attach? I'm not sure I'm afraid to send my NCLEX app in. Please help! Thank you. Matt



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If I were you, I'd definitely call the your BON to confirm. It best to know and avoid any delay with your approval. I would think they may want an explanation and court papers showing your dispositions but like I said, it would be wise to call and ask them, and hey, BE HONEST!! thank me later :) good luck!