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ABOHN CSAT now $50 and two volumes?

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by 42pines 42pines (Member) Nurse

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ABOHN Certification Self Assessment Test (CSAT) is a self-assessment test for cohn or cohn-s and used to be free, now it's $50 for volume I and $50 for volume II in each category (though you generally only test for one category).

Frankly it irks me that they charge $50 for a .pdf of a mere 50 questions especially since not so long ago, it was free.

Does anyone know why there are now two volumes?

Has it changed from about 5 years ago (the questions)

Perhaps this is a new low for occupational health nurses, scrounging the bottom for $50 for a mere document with 50 sample questions, c'mon... agree or disagree?

Has anyone used this self-assessment test, I did about 5 years ago when it was free.


Thoughts anyone?

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lcmills works as a Registered Nurse.

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It is expensive and really not worth the money. I copied someone I worked with packet. I took a review course and it did not help either- work paid for it. I need to take my test soon and I just started studying. I figured I would study and review and then just go for it. I just went to the AAOHN conference and the certification test is going to change so if you were thinking of taking it take it before November 2019.

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