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Abbreviations confuse foreigners!

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I'm a British nurse new to the world of the Internet and have only recently found this site. I am fascinated by the discussions going on. We seem to have so much in common.

Patient safety compromised by the use of minimally qualified staff in favour of Registered Nurses, poor staffing levels, excessive (unpaid) overtime etc. But I have a problem, all the abbreviations for nursing personel you use. Could someone spare me the time to explain them and the educational content that leads to such qualifications. I'm sure this would be of great help to those of us from other parts of the world who would love to join in. I think the Internet is about to take off in a big way in the UK this year so you can expect quite a few more British nurses visiting soon.

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For RN read RGN or SRN.

LPN (lisensed Practical Nurse) is your SEN (State Enrolled Nurse).

NA or NT is assistant or tech.

RT is Respiratory Therapy.

I hope this helps.

There are a ton of others but unless you tell me which ones you're having trouble with I can't help. I trained in England so I'm some-what bilingual I speak English and American!

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