AANP 2014 JNC, lipids, etc

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Does anyone know for certain if the FNP AANP exam taken this August 2014 will include JNC 7 or JNC 8 material? I am trying to study, but it's kind of hard since these guidelines are new, but not SO new anymore?

In addition, what about the lipid guidelines??

I have emailed AANPC but no replies yet.



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I took AANP FNP June 30. Had no questions that particularly required knowledge of JNC 8 vs JNC 7, or changes in lipid guidelines. Fitzgerald mentioned in her course in May that JNC 8 is old enough to be fair game, but we should focus on the core commonalities just as with conflicting cancer screening guidelines. The difficult questions were the ones on topics that I'd never seen in any review book or even in my program books! But I guessed and passed. I wouldn't worry about it...just review the guidelines.



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Just to update everyone, I received a reply back from AANP:

Hello Nicole,

The 2014 certification exams are based on guidelines that were available in early November 2013. The 2015 exams will include the new guidelines released after the first week in November.