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AANP Exam 2016-Passed

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Hi everyone! I took the AANP-FNP exam 2 days ago and I passed the first try! I used this website for tips, so I am giving back! I actually had to wait 15 minutes for my preliminary pass, because the test proctor accidentally threw the results away because it prints out a 2 page score report. She thought one was a duplicate and threw away the first paper that said pass. Talk about freaking out!

I did the Barkley review at home. I thought this review was good, but I noticed there was 15 questions on the test that was not included in the manual or CDs. I also took a couple APEA exams online and was getting high 70s-80s. The pass score is 70%. Some of the questions on the APEA test was included in my exam! I took the AANP practice exam and scored a 92% a day before the exam.

I studied every day for 4 weeks. 1-6 hours a day. Lastly, I also got the Leik kindle version book. Although I really did not study the material in the book, the exam tips were helpful. I also got the iPhone app for her questions. I like that because it gave rationales.

You our can do this! I was stressing during the test and I had to stop myself and say I can do this! You definitely have to critically think about the questions and some of them weren't as straight forward.

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Great feeling isnt it!! i took my aanp exam a little over a week ago and passed on the first try also. I used leik, apea and purchased the leik app and the aanp practice test. so happy this test is behind me! I stalked this website also, reading through post of those who passed and those who did not.

Congrats to us and everyone else that has passed!!!:yes:

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