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AANC Test Dates

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Would any kind souls be willing to tell me which days of the week the ANCC exam occurs (i.e. weekdays, only weekends, etc.)? I will be testing at a testing location in Georgia, and I'm waiting for ANCC to receive my final transcripts for a confirmation number for registration. I have to submit my work schedule for the next 8 weeks and would like to avoid being scheduled to work on an exam date. I'm unsure if the test dates vary from state to state, or according to test center, so I may have to wing it anyway. Thanks for your insight!

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I'm not sure if they have set days. My testing center is in WV, and I believe they offered two days a week for testing. I am pretty sure it is site dependent. However, if you have to wait to get your work schedule, just study longer! You will be able to see all the dates once you are approved to test. Good luck.