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A Nursing Soliloquy

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A path through the mind and decision making process of another. It is purely fictional...I think.

I really wanted to love it, God knows I did

It was an exciting journey nonetheless,

Some moments I enjoyed, some moments I hated

But I welcomed them all the same and learned what each had to teach.

I tried my hardest

I tried my darn-est; I was very good at what I did

I sought ways to excel; every problem was an opportunity

Daily, I did one thing that improve me from the day before

It was a motto I lived by

Content I was not to be merely a wheel

A difference I sought to make

Altruistic, you say? Altruistic, I was not.

How could I?

True to me, it wouldn't be!

An impact I wanted to make, so boldly to it, I stepped

And my course I swiftly recharted, God willing.

It was scary at first- the beginning always is

There was trepidation; there was fear

I said a prayer and barreled on.

On my oars I did not rest.

I knew my actions had to show my seriousness and determination;

My prayers had to have a fuel to burn with

So doggedly I pursued this course fraught with obstacles

And slowly but surely, as the sun appears on the horizon

My calling I had found and then there was rest.

I embraced it; it was a job and yet it was not

I bounced into each day ready to start.

No longer did I dread what the day might hold

Get me not wrong, please I pray

Challenges abound but I welcome them, for obstacles I see them not

But rather as opportunities to get even better

Aaaaaahhh the sound of me, a deep sigh I give

When you truly come into your own, you always do know

For there is peace and quiet

It does not always speak the loudest but the tinniest voice is that with the greatest impact

A myriad of expressions cross my face

But I am rested in knowing that I have found my life's calling

"Stay Hungry,Stay foolish"- Steve Jobs

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