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Religion & ectopic abortion

Hello nursing community! I have a question for you all. How do you feel about methotrexate or other drug-based treatment for the termination of ectopic pregnancy? As someone who was raised with...

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As seen on TV

Recently I had a patient tell me that if CPR was necessary, we would not have to break his wife's ribs because just the night before he watched House, and they just shocked a patient and then she was...

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I don't do well under pressure. Pls help

I get really nervous when I have too many (more than 1) students in the Health Office. Is this normal? I could feel my face turning RED. Any tips or advise?

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When family fails the patient... it breaks my heart

This is more a vent post than anything... Had a patient today who any reasonable nurse would say should be on hospice.. trach, tube feeding, dependent on CRRT and IABP... screams in pain...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

I Make Less Than a Brand New Nurse, Why?

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a nurse of 15+ years, have my MSN (CNL), and for whatever reason I make significantly less than most nurses in my area with same or less years of experience, same or less...

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I'm pretty sure they're gonna be the death of me. Between having to correct uniform dress code issues to helping find clothes for those who've bled on their clothes, etc... Not to mention keeping...

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Safe Nursing

A poster on this forum, a nurse who I understood has ED nursing experience, started a thread "Safe Nursing a thing of the past?" The thread was closed due to not being allowed to provide medical...

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Just in time for the holidays

My PRN employer just announced they are eliminating several positions within our hospital. These are roles that will impact the whole hospital during a time when the staffing crisis is causing...

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LPN/LVN Student
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Chasing Happiness

7 years ago I started pre-requisites for a BSN program part time while working full- time and caring for my then 2yr old and 1 year old. Due to hardships of life and becoming a single mother I...

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Please let me know what you guys think

Yesterday I took my NCLEX-PN for the fifth time I had all 205 questions I feel like I have a lot wrong also I answer some right I had everything in the test I know the last 2 questions I didn't get...

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I'm over the nonsense...

Hello my school nurse friends I sent a student home about 2 weeks ago for throwing up in the classroom after lunch. The day I sent her home, she did not have a fever or anything. So the student...

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Why do you love being a nurse?

I worked on Med Surg for few years, and started in ER half a year ago. I just don't get how anyone can love this profession. I just don't see it. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try,...

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This makes me laugh everytime

Have y'all seen this Portal commercial?? I can't help but laugh every time I see it come on! Portal from Facebook TV Commercial, 'Cancellation: Starting Price' - iSpot.tv

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Failed for the fifth time

Hi all I just took my NCLEX rn for the fifth time and failed at 265. I know my content like the back of my hand. I wasn't anxious, I went in with a positive attitude and I took breaks. Please help me...

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5 Tips for Tackling Your Self Evaluation
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5 Tips for Tackling Your Self Evaluation

Once a year, annual performance evaluations roll around and employees are asked to complete self evaluations. Do you actually reflect on your job performance over the past year? If not, you are...

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Vomit Emergency

vomit emergency

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Should I Attend a Non-Accredited SChool?

Dear Nurse Beth, I have been accepted into a school that is not listed as ACEN certified. What exactly does that mean for me if I were to go through the program? I have asked a few of the...

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D5w fluid overload

Test question from this morning: If your pt is showing signs of fluid overload from d5w, do you change the fluid or slow it down? Stopping is not an option. Thanks!!

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local anesthesia and drug test

I am an incoming nursing student and was asked to do a drug test this coming Friday to be admitted to the RN program. however, I am very nervous because I did two dental deep cleaning last week and...

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Should I Go Right Into Psychiatric Nursing?

I am currently in my 3rd year of nursing school in Detroit. I have been contemplating on what kind of nurse I want to be and I feel like I should know now because I am such a planner, but I know I...

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