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would you do it?


Need a little help....Would you attend a non accredited LPN or RN school? The school is approved by the state. It would be even better if someone is or has already attended such a school and their experience (did it hinder employment). Thank you in advance for your time :loveya:

no way no accredition no school

My opinion is that it doesn't matter if the school is accredited. As long as it's approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing and u could take your Nclex once finish then that's okay with me! There are many schools out there who aren't accredited, for example Wayne County Community College! As long as you can take your Boards you will be fine. Also there are schools that are in the processing of being accredited, so what ever you think is best for you, go for it. The Nursing School that I attend isn't accredited yet, but there are in the process of getting their accreditation.