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  1. hey all!

    I used to do agency work in Wyoming through Nurse Connection - but have just returned to the country and found that they have gone out of business and given their business to a company called Team Staffing.

    I have filled out all the forms for Team Staffing and basically they haven't called me - I am a med/surg nurse with an active wyoming license, 10 years of experience and no marks on my record or bad references - so the only thing I can figure is that they have plenty of business wherever they are based and they aren't that interested in the Wyoming market.

    Does anyone know of another company - who does per diem shifts or contracts especially in Wyoming?
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  3. by   hope3456
    I am surprised that NC went out of business - I used to work for them as a CNA before I started nursing school. I thought they seemed like a successful business and anytime I went to their office they were busy.....anyway, there is another agency in Cheyenne - MSN (medical staffing network). I recently heard of someone (a LPN) working thru them at the state prison in Rawlins. I don't know much more than that - but I am also curious to know how much travel nurses are used in wyoming, and where.