Current LCCC nursing students near campus?

  1. Is there anyone around who gets to campus this time of year? Wondering if the fall schedule for first week and first clinical rotation is posted yet. You'd think they could post it online, but I sort of doubt that will happen. If someone could confirm that it is posted so I don't waste a trip from Laramie, or better yet just tell me what it says, that would be great. I'm 2nd semester (Mildred Montag class I think?) Thanks!

    Sam C
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  3. by   lmlong57
    hey Sam!
    I'm pretty sure you'll get it mailed to you any day now. But just so you know. You're at the VA M/W from 1245-2045 starting Sept. 1st. I'm also in this rotation. Our clinical supervisor is -----.

    1st week of class is as follows:
    8/23 Pharmacology in Rm. 113 8-1700

    8/24 theory rm 113 1300-1550

    8/25 peri-op seminar 8-1700

    8/26 theory 1300-1550

    8/27 Care plan wkshp. (woo hoo!) 8-1700
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  4. by   wyosamRN
    Thanks, I did get my letter a couple days after this post. I can't believe the summer is almost over- I'm excited to get back to school, but I could still go for another couple weeks to goof off!