Best skill sets/experience for rural RN

  1. 1 For those of you working in more rural areas of WY, what type of RN skill sets/experience would you recommend for a new nurse starting out in nursing who eventually wants to work in a rural area. I am starting out in ICU, but I am not sure that is really the skill set I would need to be an effective RN in a rural area. Also, for those who work in hospitals with NPs, what type of NPs are hired (adult, family, acute care)?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's assistance!
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    I don't know a whole lot about the WY scene but I have done clinical at some rural hospitals in missouri. In my personal experience the rural hospitals are mostly med surg. Critical patients get life flighted to other hospitals. But they are kind of a catch all for everything. The one I was at had a surgery department, ICU and various clinics. They handled a lot but any patient with a very high acuity level usually got sent to a hospital in the city. How it is at other hospitals I'm not sure.
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