Thanks to all you wound care nurses, YOU ROCK!!!!

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    Hi, my first time to post. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posts info on this site. I had surgery for a pelvic mass that dehissed one week later. Six weeks later they had to go in and remove some of my abdominal mesh that was infected. I'm sure I'm kind of a rare care. I'm 5'2 and 105 lbs. After dealing with an open wound for more than a month and needing additional surgery I was at my wits end. I'm a mother of 2 very active girls and work full time for a plastic surgeon. I finally decided to get a little more proactive with my wound. I started researching different dressings and treatments. I kept seeing information on this site about a wound vac. I had never even seen one. The more I read about this from you professionals in wound care, the more I thought I could benefit from it. I've now had the vac for a couple of weeks and my wound is making great progress. If it wasn't for forums like this and you guys posting, I would probably still be doing wet-to-dry's until the next millenium. And see, you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!

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