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  1. hi every body
    i was asking my self, is it better to work in wound for at least one year first to get exp, then to study to get certificat in wound manegment or to study first. Where iam living there is only asimple wound course so if i decided to get a certificat in wound , i have to serch and found out online wound coures.

    thank you
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  3. by   KimT08
    I think it is important to have some exposure in wound care before taking certification exams. Some exams require at least 1 year in wound care before taking the exam. I personally worked at a wound care center while I was finishing nursing school then took the certification. I can tell you that most all of the exams cover all aspects of wound care from the cellular level all the way to treatment plans. There are also CE courses online that you can do for free. If you go to Healthpoint's website there is CE courses on their website that cover a lot of the aspects of wound care. I hope this helps and good luck!