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Skin Care products

  1. 0 I am a unit mgr of a 58 bed LTC floor. I am just curious what everyone is using for Stage I's, moisture barriers, and incontenence products. We currently use constant care for mositure barrier and zinc oxide on reddened areas. All input will be appreciated. Thanks!
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    But I have seen milgard also used with good effect. You know the cream they use for babies bottoms.

    One unit (ICU) I worked in was a combined Paed/Adult ICU so we got used to using the Milgard instead of soap and water - squirt a little milgard on the wipe and use that instead - had THE lowest incidence of skin breakdown of virtually any unit I have worked in.
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    alot of the problem is not allowing the skin to dry out we use alot of aqueous cream as a soap substitute and rub plenty of epiderm or double base into skin. for redness we use sudocream, metanium, or even a tegaderm dressing ( a film dressing) to protect the skin

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