Rapid healing on wound vac?

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    My husband had a surgical wound that was not healing properly and after packing it for a week (daily changes) they put him on a wound vac. He got the wound vac on Wednesday, when they had measured on Monday his wound was 5.8cm deep. Today (5 days later) it measured at .9cm This seems really super fast for it to be healing. Do you think he's got another bubble of pus in there or something? Is this typical? She poked around and said it looked good. I'm really worried. Please tell me if you know if this is possible or if there are specific questions I should ask when she comes back day after tomorrow. Thank you in advance.

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    Wound vac's provide rapid healing because they remove excessive drainage and the pressure promotes health tissue proliferation. I've seen simular results in deep wounds. Most patient's and families are pretty freaked out by the whole contraption, so was I the first time I saw one in the clinical setting. I'd call your nurse anyway, just for the peace of mind. Ask for specific signs of ongoing infection to watch for.
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    Sounds like he has other factors aiding healing. Good nutrition/hydration, circulation, absence of infection, age,ect. Be thankful and yes it does happen!! Yippee!!

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