Phenergan and HBO therapy..

  1. 0 I was recently told by one of our PACU nurses that I should not give IV Phenergan to patients going for HBO therapy because the HBO unit would not take these patients. Further inquiry led to the HBO unit believing that in the unit, Phenergan lowers the seizure threshold and thus will deny patients immediately after surgery. I am having a hard time finding any info on the internet about this. Perhaps it is just the medical director's belief...I dunno.

    Thanks for your help.
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    I've been working hyperbarics for several years and have never heard this.
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    regarding phenergan and HBO, it is true that it decreases the seizure threshhold. According to Wound Healing Director, Norris, MD Palmetto Health Richland;to take caution with medications that will lower the seizure threshold.
    UHMS would have more specific information. I would be very cautious with a post op who may have phenergan on board, however, aspiration/air embolism, barotrauma might be the worse of the evils if they became nauseous and vomitied

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