Perirectal dressing

  1. I work in home health.
    Any ideas or suggestions on trying to do wound care in the perirectal area?? What's the best way to keep it from urine and feces? (totally incontinent patient)
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  3. by   viperblue72
    Depends on the type of wound, but in general, Duoderm can be used and reinforced with a Tegaderm style dressing. ALWAYS use some sort of adhesive wipe or spray/skin prep. If you don't have the fancy (and expensive!) Duoderm designed for the coccyx, you can use a Duoderm heel and craftily use your scissors to make a split and overlap the sections. Personally, I have seen great results with Aquacel; Aquacel AG if it tends to get infected.
  4. by   mommy.19
    Wound vac helps isolate wound from contaminants sometimes, though sealing may require some tricks with skin prep, cohesive seals, and duo derm. Obviously it depends on the wound type and characteristics.