My med/surg floor posted a notice for anyone interested in becoming a wound care...

  1. My med/surg unit wants someone on our floor to become a wound care specialist. I have not spoken to anyone about this but was wondering what some of you thought. I'm a new grad, only been on the floor for two months. Is this too much to take on at this point? I did a six week preceptorship with a wound care/ostomy specialist in home health care and I know I'm interested, but I worry I may be taking on too much too soon. Also, I work 7p-7a-would this training be more useful for a dayshift person? I have no interest in leaving nites in the near future. I'll probably talk to our DON soon but I'd like some other perspectives. Thanks.
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  3. by   misschelei
    Wound care nurses come around during the day. They are a specialized team charged with making sure everything is being done for optimal healing. You must have a vast knowledge of different wound types and conditions that interfere with wound healing.

    Just a thought..You have alot on your plate right now. I would wait until you have been on the floor for at least a year before you attempt to broaden your horizons. In the meantime become an expert in skin care.