Mommy, RN...clueless help please!!!!

  1. Hello Fellow RNs,

    I am in need of some guidance. I have an 18 month old with eczema and he scratched himself pretty good the other day to his left outer arm/elbow area. The skin is broken and I had applied some teatree oil based ointment and placed a band-aid over it. It's been 2 days of cleaning and applying new band-aids/ointment and the site is now weeping and appears to have been irritated from the adhesive of the band-aid. Any suggestions on how to dress the open area as he wants to scratch it as soon as I leave it open to air. I have been giving him prescription liquid anti-itch meds and he does have a steroid ointment, however, I'm not able to apply that to his broken skin. I feel like such an idiot when it comes to my children... all of my training goes out of the window!!!

    Thanks for your help,
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    Per our terms of service, we cant provide medical advice and encourage you to call your childs pediatrician.