managing burn wound with limited supplies in rural China

  1. I am an RN, and I'm traveling in Asia, soon to be in rural China. I burned myself on a motorcycle, I think a deep partial-thickness burn.

    After 5 days, I went to Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, where the wound was debrided. When I explained my travel plans, the doctor covered the wound in DuoDerm and then with a bioclusive and told me to keep the DuoDerm dry and change it every 3 days for 2 weeks or until the wound is healed. I also got clindamycin.

    After 1 day, the area under the bioclusive is soaked with serous and some serosanguinous fluid. I'm not a burn or wound nurse, but if I saw this in the hospital on a patient, my intuition would be to change the DuoDerm and bioclusive. However, I only have enough supplies to change the DuoDerm "every 3 days for 2 weeks."

    Should I leave with the DuoDerm soaked with serous fluid until the scheduled 3-day change, or do I need to buy more DuoDerm and more TegaDerm so I can change the DuoDerm whenever it gets wet-looking?

    I hope someone answers. Thanks so much.
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