Little ostomy glue in wound..... Ok or am i just paranoid?

  1. Pt had a midline abdominal incision extending from pubic area to the ribs(ie:big and long). The wound was sutured from the inside but was not CLOSED. Meaning, you cant see the pts intestines, yet the wound was left "open" and was about 1 inch deep.

    The pt also had an ostomy. The ostomy bag was right on the EDGE of the wound. A nurse was cleaning old ostomty paste (the stuff that basically glues a troubled ostomy to skin) and a tiny little dried piece of the glue fell into the wound. I was kinda freeking out about it because it was small enough that I couldn't see where it went in order to remove it from the wound. The nurse (who knows much more about wounds than I) was not worried about it in the least and said it will either come out with next cleaning or the body will "take care of it" since its so small.

    Is the nurse correct and i'm just a paranoid nut? Or can a tiny piece of glue act like a foreign object?

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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    Could you try to irrigate the wound with sterile saline and try to flush it out?