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    I have been out of clinical care for a couple years and I am a bit rusty at wound care current treatments. looking for what the most current choices would be for a stage 3 possibly infected sacral ulcer.I was thinking iodoform gauze packing strips.I do not recall how often it is changed and what a good cover dressing would be.Or is there another dressing that you have had great success with that you could recommend? Thank you!
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  3. by   imaLvn2
    I think the treatment will depend on how that ulcer looks for example if there is drainage, slough, necrosis, etc and how infected it is. I suggest you do a culture to r/o any infection because you can keep treating it but without treating the infection, the wound will only get worse. But medi-honey and santyl are good options and using foam dressing since its in the sacral area. As far as how often to change it depends on the wound and your facility. Some changes it everyday others every three days. Hope that helps
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  4. by   Ali16407
    depends on the drainage. But maybe a silver alginate, or tenderwet?