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  1. 0 I work in a Psychiatric hospital and we have a patient with a stasis ulcer for which the doctor ordered a new tx. We were using granulex spray twice daily, now it is something that I think is called "Intergel" then a cover every three days. I looked intergel up on the web and the only thing I can find is something used internally to prevent adhesions after GYN surgeries. Is this the same product, just a new use? Anyone heard of this tx before?
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    Do you mean Intrasite gel? If so, here's a web page that may help. I just typed Intrasite gel on to the search and got it.
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    Thanks, that looks like it. I wasn't on that unit tonite to make sure of the name of the stuff.
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    Sounds like it's Integra. If it's a pure venous hypertension wound, are you also using compression?