Hydrocolloid dressings Vs. Hydropolymer

  1. I am trying to figure out which dressing is less damaging to skin and need input. I have a patient using hydrocolloid dressings at the moment, however, whenever they are removed, intact skin comes with it. Which is defeating the purpose.

    Wound description:
    Right posterior lateral thigh wound 1x1.5cm wound (pressure sore) pt is 450 lb and obese area around wound is dry with fragile and elephant like skin. Skin is irritated and peeling due to dressing adheasion. wound has minimal drainage, wound bed with good vascularization no necrotic tissue noted. Area supperior to wound is minimally blanchable.

    Have any of you used hydropolymer dressings what are the differences in the two? or do you have another suggestion. I would like to prevent the surrounding skin from breakdown due to the dressings.
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