HBO commitment

  1. We are having a hard time getting patients to keep their appointments on a daily basis. I understand a 5 day/wk 2 hrs/day commitment is tough, but we probably only have 60% of our patients show up each day. Any suggestions on how to approach this?
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  3. by   CaliBoy760
    It is the job of the Medical Director to explain to the patients how crucial it is to show up each day. With a 40% no-show rate it's obvious that these patients do not understand why they are receiving the tx in the first place. My EMR has a "HYPERBARIC EDUCATION CHECKLIST" which includes detailed instructions to the patient regarding why it is so imposrtant to receive the therapy EVERY DAY. I really hammer this home in the beginning and my no-show rate is under 5%.
  4. by   lostNneuro
    Thanks CaliBoy760 - I am definitely going to change our approach. I'm also thinking about adding a commitment "contract" prior to the start of treatments. 5% is my goal!