Compression Dressing

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    I was speaking to a nurse on the phone at our local wound care center. (I am in HHC) She told me of a compression dressing that does not sag down. It isn't Porfore or an unna boot. Does anyone know the name of a compression dressing that has this desired quality? I cannot remember the name of the product she suggested. Thanks.

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    Was it Sure-pres maybe? ConvaTec Canada - SurePress® High Compression Bandage Altho there is some slippage with it.
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    There are several brands that make compression dressings, some are temporary, like Medline 4flex, Derma Science's Du-Fore, and 3M's coban 2 layer and coban 2 layer lite. These are multilayer compression "kits" that are mostly indicated for use up to 4-5 days (some can stay intact for a week but it all depends on if there is a wound, and the wound characteristics/drainage). Others like Surepress can be washed and used up to 20 times before losing it's integrity and ability to provide 30mmHg compression.

    Also, Circaid's Juxta-lite or Mediven's Ulcer kit are great long-term solutions for patients with lower extremity edema.

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