Bleeding Wound

  1. Any suggestions would be so appreciated.

    Home care RN using a moist to dry regimen on a flank wound, possible stage IV decub but probable sinus tract to a nonfunctioning kidney. Patient is on Coumadin therapy, which makes wound bleed. Wound is free of infection, no eschar, tissue is pink and healthy looking. Gauze is soaked (mostly with blood) at dressing change. Kind of defeats the purpose, yes? Wound measures approx 4cmx2cmx6cm.

    Come on all you wonderful wound care experts, which way would you go?

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  3. by   sharlynn
    I definitely would not use a moist to dry dressing. See previous discussions on this subject!
  4. by   colter517
    Moist dressing, not wet to dry. Doesn't sound like it needs to be debrided.