What to do after being a USRN

  1. 0 hello everyone, I'm a fresh graduate in the Philippines and I was thinking of my plans after I get hopefully a liscence in Nevada. Should I be taking a master's degree in nursing? but I don't have plans of teaching or getting into Medicine but it is expensive to study in America. or maybe Law or enter the US Air Force... I have difficulty of deciding which one to do. I am very goal oriented and as early as now i want myself to stay focus to a career that I will love.

    Thanks for the help!
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    You are only a US RN when you live, work, and pay taxes in the US.

    You are currently a nurse in your country of origin and may one day be considered an IEN.
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    ALSo you need to graduate from an accredited program to join the us Air Force. Most schools require experience before enrolling in a msn program.
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