Renew it or just Esaved it for a while?

  1. Hi, I am a VSC holder and about to expire. I am planning to renew but I believe that the next five years of its validity, there is no purpose. I am on petition right now and my PD for EB3 category is on feb 2010. It runs so slow, Aug 2012 the PD for eb3(Philippines) was June 15, 2006, and next month after 1 year it is on October 22,2006. Renewing my VSC worth nothing (and a waste of money) for the next 5 years. I would like to know if I can use ESAVED instead, and open new application for VSC as soon my PD is about to become current. I passed the NCLEX RN and I had a letter from CA BON (no license yet), Transcripts and other pertinent documents to put on ESAVED. If I open new application for VSC, do i need to take NCLEX RN again? English proficiency, I know, need to take it and re-verification of licenses (PH/HAAD)... But letter from BRN CA would not be possible, because they said that they will destroy my files 3 years after passing the exam and not securing SSN (2011) so how to reverify such kind of document as license? Thanks
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