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Recruitment agency for Saudi Arabia

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    Does anyone know of or have any experience with a reputable agency that recruits to Saudi Arabia?
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    why do you opt for saudi? anyway, try skills international, gti recruitment
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    Hi micbar, one of the reputable ones is Add International. They deployed me several years ago for Hospital in Saudi. That was years ago so I'm not really sure if they are still hiring for Saudi nowadays. However, it is worth trying.

    Good luck.
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    If you're staying in manila. Just take a walk in Malate.. you'll find several agencies there who are recruiting nurses for saudi arabia. Also try Abba International which is located in Ortigas Goldloop Tower.
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    Career Planners Specialist, Int'l along Shaw Blvd (Mandaluyong side)

    they've been hiring for International Medical Center, King Abdulaziz University Hospital, and other good hospitals in KSA.