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Prometric exam for nurse technician (saudi)

  1. 1 Hi Fellow Nurses,

    I'd just like to ask if anyone here have sample questions for the Prometric exam for Saudi? Any help would be highly appreciated.I'm starting to panic! I graduated last 2008 and haven't been reviewing/reading nursing books ever since I took the nursing board on Nov 2008. I'm not confident I can make it. Please, badly needed help.

    Exam sched tomorrow at 3p. You may contact me thru skype.
    Skype ID: henna.paz

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    Moved to the Saudia Arabia forum
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    Hi! What is the difference between Nurse Specialist and Nurse Technician in the prometric exam. For nurses applying for Saudi Arabia, which exam should one take?
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    Can u help me pls. What to expect question in prometric exam for saudi.

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