procare riaya hospital al khobar

  1. 4 information of nurses thinkin of goin to saudi, do not work for this hospital, we are not being paid everyone wants to leave but we dont because we cant get letter of no objection needed for workin in other parts of saudi, new hospital no money, each month salaries late no overtime being paid bad livin in dirty apartment area we were promissed a compound in interview but go here now 2 years , now we are stuck
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  3. by   mactheknife
    How can you sleep when you lie like this?
    If your appartment is dirty it is because you don't clean it.
    Very few hospitals now give Letters of No Objection and from the way you talk it sounds like you don't deserve one.
    The conditions in that hospital and their accomodation is a lot better than some of the ones I have worked at.
    Salaries are paid faithfully each month and you are not kept here against your will. the hopital has never prevented anyone from leaving.
    Perhaps you should stop complaining and do some work for a change!:angryfire
  4. by   vasariah
    I wanna ask if how many nurses in each room..
    How about overtime payments, rulings about going out to mall, day offs,..

    hoping for any reply.. Thanx..