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nursing requirements when working in Germany

  1. 0 Hi. I am a nursing graduate from Philippines but still not a RN yet. Just want to know if ever I'll be working in Germany, do I still have to be a registered nurse here in our country in order for me to work in Germany as a nurse or private nurse? Is it required in Germany?? Thanks.
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    I think you will find you need to have taken and passed NLE to work anywhere in the EU
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    Do you mean will they accept your degree from the Phillippines? They look at all nursing degrees individually. You'll have to send in all your translated school papers that the individual state in Germany wants then they'll decide if your degree is equal to theirs. Most of the time it is not unless you are in the EU. If it's not you'll need to take a test (Nursing and German). It's not exactly a cut and dry process.