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nursing elective placement in Tanzania

  1. 0 Travelling to Arusha, Tanzania at the end of this month for a 4 week nursing elective. Very excited about it!! :-) Has anyone else been there? Or on any other african location for a nursing placement? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!!
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    Are you going with WTW?

    I spent six weeks in Dar es Salaam on placement in their national referral hospital. Best experience of my life.
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    Hi... yes it's WTW.

    Are they great or what? Glad you had a good experience. Haven't heard any bad report from anyone! Which is good, right?
    I'm all ready for it now! Looking forward to spending a week with the masai as well!
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    What is WTW? What do you think of your experienc, I was a Peace Corps volunteer in mtwara 2008-2010..