nurisng in France

  1. Hi. I'm an NZ RN and am wondering if anyone has worked in the south of France who doesn't speack French??

    I work in a PACU here in NZ but wondered about looking after elderly people in their homes in France. Any ideas?? Thanks frodob
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  3. by   caillou

    I can tell you that one of the requirements to work as a nurse in France is that you must speak french. The people you will take care of do usually not speaking english, neither your co-workers!
    You'd better learn french if you want to work in France,
  4. by   suzanne4
    If you wish to work as an RN in France, you will need to pass their language exam, as well as their licensure exam in french. Also, if you do not have an EU passport, it will be quite difficult to get a visa to work there.

    There are several threads already here with specifics to working in France. Please just do a search for those.