MSN vs Clinical experience

  1. hi im mj, im a registed nurse here in the philippines, i graduated last 2011, i had my clinical experience as RNheals last year 2012 and my contract ended up last april 2013, a month after i planned to enroll at SLU baguio city to pursue my MSN degree, then few weeks after the hospital i rendered my services as rn heals contacted me and they told me that they hired me as contracted nurse, but the problem is i was enrolled by the time they called me up and my class is 3x times a week and my duty will be 5x a week, i need to travel to baguio 7 hours from ilocos to attend my class, my dilemma now is that i need to choose one, should i take the job or pursue my MSN @ slu, im at war cause i want them both, in your opinion what is the best choice? please help me decide or atleast give me insights from your experiences, thank you fellow colleagues =)
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