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  1. 0 Hello ! My name is Jasmine and I am currently working as a nurse here in the US. I am a native born in the US and completed my BSN and passed my NCLEX here. I am currently working on a cardiac step-down unit.

    My main question is that I am planning on moving to the emirates next year, and I really don't know much about how licensing works in the emirates.

    How do I transfer my license overseas?
    Are there exams I need to take instead of the nclex?
    I hear people talking about HAAD, but if I took the nclex, is that enough?

    Also, if I am planning on moving there, should I try looking for job openings before moving?

    Sorry for the questions, but I really don't know how things work in the emirates. If anyone could please enlighten me on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.
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