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LVN in from US to BSN in the Philippines

  1. 0 Hi! I am not a nurse but I want to be. I just moved to the US and I am planning to get on an LVN program here. I am just wondering when I finish my LVN course here, would I be able to continue it to BSN but in the Philippines? If so, what year would I be in when I go there?

    I know what you're thinking. Why not just continue it here? Right? It's a complicated story and I'd rather not divulge it here so let's leave it to that.
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    You will find that if you do your BSN over there you will be considered a foreign educated RN and have to deal with all the complications that brings including licensing difficulties.
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    I strongly suggest you take a long look on this board, going out of the country, will not save you money or time. Get your LVN, and if you want to become a RN and money is tight, work full time as a LVN and go to school at night, it can be done.